Island Vibes Feb 2024

8 FOR OUR IOP LOCATION EMAIL US AT PAPISTAQUERIA@GMAIL.COM COME SEE US AT PAPI’S TAQUERIA! (843) 926-7274 • 1012 Ocean Blvd Isle of Palms, SC FOR OUR FOOD TRUCK TEXT US AT 843-214-6299 Follow Us @cachitaskitchen on Instagram THANK YOU MOUNT PLEASANT FOR VOTING US BEST FOOD TRUCK! 2024 ® IOPFD Fire Marshal retires after near decade of service By Heather Rose Artushin here’s been a passing of the torch at the Isle of Palms Fire Department and it’s fair to say that Fire Marshal Travis Stafford will be dearly missed by many following his recent retirement after serving the past eight years at the post. IOPFD shared their warmest wishes for Stafford in a statement noting, “He has valiantly served the IOPFD and the IOP community with dedication to ensuring fire safety, fire prevention and fire education. He will be missed by many, including all IOP departments, businesses and neighboring jurisdictions alike. He was recognized by his wife, friends, colleagues from internal IOP departments, members from the Town of Mount Pleasant Fire Department and IOPFD personnel. The foundation he set for the community regarding fire prevention and safety will continue to grow forward and his work will not be forgotten.” Fire Chief Craig Oliverius expressed gratitude for all that Stafford contributed to the IOPFD during his T time as the island’s fire marshal. “He would interface with our business community and our residents on a daily basis, as his main responsibility was our community risk reduction program. Last year he facilitated a public safety open house where our police and fire departments participated together, and he also organized the hurricane expo in conjunction with the Isle of Palms Recreation Department.” Residents also have Stafford to thank for the island’s implementation of the Sparky the Fire Dog program. “You see Sparky out at different public events and in our golf cart parades,” said Oliverius. “We even took Sparky on a tour of some of the hospital floors at MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital and talked to the kids there at Christmas time. That was a great experience. Travis was always about trying to connect with the community. That’s what the fire department is – part of the fabric of the community.” An important piece of Stafford’s legacy is helping the IOPFD become a designated Fire Safe South Carolina community. “There’s a certain matrix of classes that your personnel have to attend and activities to document as a part of the process,” said Oliverius. “We were redesignated recently, so he’s continued that legacy. He’s done a lot!” IOPFD’s new fire marshal, Sean Harshaw, spent a few months working in a transitional capacity with Stafford to keep the continuity of operations in the community. “We’re going to continue doing what we’ve been doing in serving our community,” emphasized Oliverius. “Obviously Travis left big shoes to fill, but that’s what we want, for each person to take this position to do a fantastic job.” Photo Provided. NEWS