Island Vibes Feb 2024

7 Buckhannon Brothers, Inc Making Bathrooms & Kitchens Beautiful Since 1997 Residential Builders Licensed Call us today for a quote 843-224-0667 Making Bathrooms & Kitchens Beautiful Since 1997 Residential Builders Licensed Call us today for a quote 843-224-0667 Beautiful Since 1997 Licensed Residential Builder Call us today for a quote 843-224-0667 OPINION To snowbird or not to snowbird? By Laura Fogarty If the great playwright and poet William Shakespeare lived on Isle of Palms he might ponder, “To snowbird or not to snowbird?” Certainly there are pros and cons to being a snowbird versus being a fulltime resident here on our island and certainly there are tax implications for snowbirds to consider on both income and property fronts, but for today, let’s focus on the lifestyle variations that come with this unique living choice. Snowbirds on our beautiful island presumably have the advantage of enjoying warmer weather here in the winter than in the town of their permanent residence, while avoiding the scorching heat that can broil the Lowcountry during the summer months. This gives snowbirds the advantages of experiencing the best of both climates and provides a change of pace, without having to fully commit to either place. Residing on the island during exclusively colder months also brings the advantage of smaller crowds and a slower pace than the typically tourist-filled warmer summer months can. Snowbirds have the opportunity to be a part of two distinct communities and participate (or not) in the best that each has to offer. They can enjoy outdoor sports and activities in the winter on this tiny slice of paradise, while avoiding snow, ice and the hazards that come with colder northern winters. New friends, new experiences and a change of scenery are also among the pros for snowbirds, but what about the cons? Snowbirds might find themselves missing important events while they are away for long periods from not only their home, but also the community they’ve come to be a part of in the winter. Maintaining relationships, even casual ones, can be a struggle for some people while trying to balance life in two locations. In addition to financial strain, being away from home for long periods can also bring feelings of loneliness and homesickness. Travel can be hard too, especially as we get older, making transitions from one town to the other a challenge. Seasonal migration doesn’t work for everyone, but for those whom it does, it seems to bring the best of both worlds to life. BigStock Photo