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ties that continues to pay for parking for the general public. North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, Folly Beach and Hilton Head are examples of beach front municipalities that charge for public parking, as do county parks. So, what has changed? Why do folks now have to pay to go to the beach in the vast majority of municipalities as well as county parks? The short answer is people. The Charleston metro area has reached 1 million in population. All those folks within an easy drive want to hit the beach on sunny days! On IOP, 7 OPINION Pierce. It seems some of the “Yes” folks are all-or-nothing. Maybe the ideas put forth need tweaking? In voting “No,” we give council the leeway to get it right. We, the residents, are diligent and insistent enough to keep this in front of council, to figure it out, with minimal impact to both our neighborhoods and tax base. This is not “kicking the can.” It’s responsibly, deliberately solving the problem, as opposed to forcing a half-cocked solution. IMO, it’s safer to vote “No” and keep working on the ordinance than to try to change it after the fact. Respectfully, Mimi Wood Isle of Palms Half-cocked solution Dear Editor, I am not 100 percent opposed to a rental license cap. I signed the petition. However, I am voting “No” with the hope of reaching a compromise. The Planning Commission put forth some reasonable ideas, as did Scott Letters to the Editor o, this is not a typo. The original title of the article was “Free Parking vs Paid Parking.” However, as we all know there is no free lunch or free parking! While IOP certainly welcomes public parking, that parking comes at a cost. Police, fire and emergency services must be provided to all that park on our island as well as trash pick-up and maintenance. Those services are currently paid for by Isle of Palms taxpayers in the “free” parking areas. IOP is one of the few municipaliour available parking is typically full in the summer by 10 a.m. and that pressure on parking will only increase as more people move to the coast. Typically, metro areas double in population within eight years of reaching 1 million. Charleston metro is on track to double in population much more quickly! What’s the solution? IOP is not getting any bigger and the island already provides over eight times the amount of parking required by the state. Charging for parking will help in a number of ways. First, charging for parking shifts the burden of paying for government services to the individuals that benefit – those that park at the beach. Second, charging for parking encourages carpooling or riding the “free” beach shuttle. Fewer cars opens parking to more people. Third, charging for parking encourages turnover so that more spaces are available to more people each day. Of course, there will always be those that will demand free parking. They want others to pay their way. IOP was recently sued because it was too expensive for folks to break the law on IOP! Hard to make this stuff up. IOP City Council is currently interviewing professional parking companies to manage the parking on IOP. Better enforcement of our existing laws will benefit everyone. Further, it is inevitable that IOP City Council will consider charging for parking island wide. In addition to the benefits already stated, charging for parking will require that visitors enter their license tag number and credit card information. This information is invaluable to law enforcement in tracking down bad guys that commit crimes on our island. I expect this will have a chilling effect on criminal behavior and make our island a better, safer place for all to visit. But this is just one council member’s opinion. to listen to local podcasts and read local magazines digitally. SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2023 THE CONVERSATION CONTINUES AT MOUNTPLEASANTPODCAST.COM FALL EDITION • SMILING FACES • CALENDAR OF EVENTS All Things Autumn Changing of the Seasons Friday Night Lights Local Football Lore Willie’s Roadside Market Cultivating a Legacy Get Outdoors Guide to Hiking & Camping | FB & Instagram @CharlestonWomen Lights! Camera! Women Take Action! Personality and Professionalism Find Your Business Style Anything but Gray New Show Colors The Lowcountry Five Ways to Work from Home that WORK CELEBrating Our Entrepreneurs CHARLESTON ENTREPRENEUR EDITION Summer 2023 POINT SCAN CLICK For distribution or marketing information email or 843-530-0403 Paid Parking vs Paid Parking By Blair Hahn Isle of Palms City Council Member N GOT A COMMENT? Island Vibes wants to hear from you! To submit a Letter to the Editor, email Zach Giroux at All letters are subject word length restrictions. DISCLAIMER: Content, including editorial, advertising or comments, that threatens, harasses or degrades others will be removed. Access may be revoked or refused at the sole discretion of Island Vibes.