Island Vibes May 2024

ears of history, experience and commitment to public service were highlighted on a chilly morning at the Isle of Palms Fire Department last month. Isle of Palms has had 13 mayors since the city’s incorporation in 1953 and six were present on this day of gathering for photos, memories and a delicious meal provided by Acme Lowcountry Kitchen. This assemblage of Isle of Palms mayors past and present was the first ever of its kind, according to one mayoral source. The mayors recounted stories from their work and experiences on the island as they shared a moment with the firefighters of IOP. Former Mayor Jimmy Carroll remarked, “We had our moment with our everyday heroes.” Current Mayor Phillip Pounds expressed his gratitude to the fire department for hosting this mayoral meeting as well as serving our beautiful island. Mayor Clay Cable explained, “I enjoyed my time as mayor. I enjoyed serving my community. I enjoyed the people. I enjoyed the problems. I just enjoyed the joy it gave me to be a public servant here.” Another former Mayor Mike Sottile offered, “Whether serving in the statehouse or on the Isle of Palms, the best part about public service is the opportunities it provides: meeting the people, the experiences, the opportunity to serve!” Mayor Malcolm Burgis, who celebrated his 98th birthday in April, was the 9 IOP mayors convene, celebrate reunion for the ages By Laura Fogarty Y WE MAKE FINDING THE PERFECT PROPERTY A SEAMLESS PROCESS. Krista M. Swingle REALTOR® Brand Name Real Estate Charleston, SC Hugh Swingle IV Property Manager In Charge (843) 474-1200 Responsive Results Driven Hands On Tax Questions? CALL TODAY! 843.886.6218 James M.Ward, CPA, PC CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT 2207 Hartnett Blvd., Isle of Palms, SC POINT, SCAN, CLICK Discover the Carolina Coast NEWS first mayor to serve IOP among this group, followed by Clay Cable, Mike Sottile, Dick Cronin, Jimmy Carroll and lastly, by our present Mayor Phillip Pounds. Each of these gentlemen weathered their fair share of issues, from hurricanes to beach renourishment to a global pandemic, and each of them professed with sincere gratitude what an honor it is to serve the Isle of Palms community. Pictured from left: Isle of Palms past and current mayors Phillip Pounds, Jimmy Carroll, Malcolm Burgis, Clay Cable, Dick Cronin and Mike Sottile.