Island Vibes May 2024

ay brings a lot more than pretty flowers and intermittent rain showers. It’s much more than the final act of spring or a prelude to summer. Here’s a preview of what blooms inside this issue. But before jumping inside these pages, let’s take a moment to pause and reflect on the cover. It teems with patriotism and pays homage to Memorial Day. The powerful image speaks of the fallen veterans who served our country and paid the ultimate sacrifice: their life. Let us never forget that “all gave some, some gave all.” The folded American flag being held by aged hands of servicemen evokes reverence with a tinge of poignancy. A special salute to the Isle of Palms VFW Post 3137, “the post on the coast,” for making this photo possible. Thank you for your service. June and runs through November. With the potential for coastal storms looming, now is the time to complete your checklist to ensure that you and your family are prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at us. According to esteemed meteorologist Rob Fowler of News 2, it’s projected to be a busier than normal season, so pay extra attention to his sage advice (See Page 7). Lastly, a gentle reminder that Mother’s Day falls on May 12. Don’t forget to stop, smell and pick her flowers! Positively yours, Zach Giroux, Managing Editor developed the Isle of Palms. It’s hard to believe now, but island property was not selling in the 50’s and early 60’s. Long devised a plan to build affordable homes for military families. At the time it was a nationwide trend and one that Long embraced, which contributed in the early years to establishing our island paradise. As y’all know, everyone here enjoys bringing you Island Vibes and we want to say thank you for reading it. To our marketing partners, we thank you for helping us spread some positive vibes around Isle of Palms and the southeast. Cheers! Bill Macchio, Publisher just love our cover, don’t you? It says so much! The fact that the photo was taken at the VFW means that much more to everyone at Island Vibes. Bringing people together always feels good and Memorial Day is a time when families and friends gather to honor and celebrate our country's servicemen and women by way of cookouts, picnics and other festivities. The fact that Memorial Day, originally known as Decoration Day, is believed to have been started in 1866 by Mary Ann Williams, secretary of the Ladies Memorial Association in Columbus, Georgia, says a lot for our region. Why? Think about the fact that the roots of Memorial Day date back to just after the end of the 4 FROM THE CREW D The pride of Isle of Palms yesterday, today and tomorrow. 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It’s been said that the first Decorating Day on April 25-26, 1866, was the beginning of reconciliation after the end of the Civil War. The first national observance of Memorial Day was held on May 30, 1868, launched by Maj. Gen. John A. Logan, the head of an organization of Union veterans, to honor and remember those who died in the Civil War. Memorial Day eventually grew into a day to commemorate all those who have died in service to the country. Speaking of bringing people together, that’s what J.C. Long did when he Speaking of services, the IOP fire and police departments played crucial roles in some news stories this issue. Thanks to both agencies for explaining the circumstances surrounding the two house fires that occurred in March (See Page 5) and detailing the intricacies of the new gun law on concealed carry permits (See Page 6). We appreciate your honesty and transparency Chief Oliverius and Chief Cornett. Furthermore, we applaud our mayors of past and present who have governed this beautiful island for 70 years. We had the honor of capturing a reunion for the ages (See Page 9) among six of the 13 dignitaries who have served since the island’s incorporation in 1953. And let’s not forget about the weather. Hurricane season begins in I Show Mom the positive vibes she deserves! Love, Your Island Vibes family