Island Vibes March 2024

or seventh-grader Henry Walton and his dad Bryan, nothing compares with time spent near the water on our beautiful island. Whether surfing, boating, fishing or swimming, this aquatic duo spends more time in or on the water than on land, especially in the summertime. The Walton family moved to the Isle of Palms from Mount Pleasant to get closer to the ocean and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle the island offers. Henry particularly enjoys waking up to the sound of crashing waves and squeezing in an 22 PEOPLE & PETS Meet Your Island Neighbors! By Laura Fogarty F W Pet of the Month Nora, the fashionista and trendsetting terrier By Isabel Alvarez Arata eighing what her dog mom, Laura Fogarty, refers to as “a fierce 11 pounds,” Nora is a terrier mix who lived in a box for the first four years of her life. Like many dams or breeding mamas that find themselves in puppy mills, Nora was confined to a cramped, filthy space, receiving minimal interaction or affection. That is, until Valiant Animal Rescue saved her and placed her with the family that would change her destiny. Today, Nora is approximately 10 years old. “She is a sweet soul, up for just about any adventure,” said Fogarty. “Nora loves golf cart rides, beach walks and fish and chips from Smugglers, where she can be found with her humans at least one night a week.” When not indulging in pub food, Nora’s favorite pastimes include swimming and soaking in the sun at the community dock. Particularly fond of canine fashion, Nora currently owns 19 sweaters. For Nora, life is one big fashion show, and the Isle of Palms is her catwalk. Nora was named after a Rosemary Wells children’s book character, a mouse that went by Noisy Nora. She answers to Nora, Norakate, Goodest Girl, Tiniest Heart and Tiny Kitten. Likely because of her background in a puppy mill, Nora is too shy for friends. Instead, she prefers to engage with people and pets from the comfort of her home’s front window. Keeping her social life simple allows Nora to focus on her Instagram account, @norakategram, where fans can scroll her outfits of the day. Photo Provided. Photo Provided. early morning surf session before heading off to school. Waking up to feeling an offshore wind and seeing clean liners rolling up is the stuff the most perfect days are made of according to Bryan. The beach is, of course, their favorite place to be, and the positive vibe on Isle of Palms is unlike anywhere else they’ve experienced. A father-son trip to Las Olas, Costa Rica, earlier this year left Bryan and Henry eager to plan more surf-related travels in the future, with the realization that there is truly no place like or better than home. Henry enjoys competing in local surf competitions and also swims competitively, while Bryan said he started surfing later in life but found a true passion for the sport after having Henry. Surfing is a shared passion and something they always enjoy doing together—that, and a post-session breakfast at the marina. Bryan, founding partner of PINCH, and wife Emily, owner and designer at Southern Staging by Walton Design, love the simplicity and lowkey nature of island life. Henry and older brother Beau, a rising high school football star, enjoy the beach, the creeks and the 15 or so boards the Walton household has come to own over the past six years of living the island life. Bryan says the brands, lengths and shapes of those boards vary somewhat, but it’s hard to pick a favorite because he and Henry will surf anything that floats. THE WALTONS