Island Vibes March 2024

19 FOOD & BEV Behind the Bar Rachel & Liz, dynamic duo of The Dinghy By Maurice J. Frazier ometimes going to work can get mundane, but when you know you’re working with your best friend that changes everything. If you have ever been to The Dinghy, at 8 JC Long Blvd. on Isle of Palms, then you have experienced the dynamic duo that is Rachel Antognioni and Liz Mulkeen! Antognioni hails from Vermont, with a bartending career spanning 12 years. Her first job when she moved to Charleston was at Dog and Duck in Park West, which was her father’s favorite place. She initially worked as a server, then once she turned 21, she quickly transitioned over to bartender. After a stint at Acme Lowcountry Kitchen, Antognioni took a brief hiatus to explore other career options outside the food and beverage industry such as the medical field. Until one day she received a call from Bret Jones, owner of The Dinghy. “He (Jones) said he was opening a new bar on IOP and wanted me to work for him,” Antognioni recalled. She started on the same day as Mulkeen. They worked alongside Jones to get the bar open to the public and haven’t blinked since. “Working at The Dinghy is like having a big extended family,” Antognioni said. “I had my baby shower there and easily 150 people showed up. That’s love.” Mulkeen’s career in bartending didn’t begin at The Dinghy. Her first job was at Morgan Creek Grill where she started off waiting tables and eventually found herself behind the bar. Laying the foundation, Mulkeen worked there for about three years followed by a stint downtown at Vendue Rooftop. She too received a call from Jones and the rest was history. “Rachel and I are like two peas in a pod, going from co-workers to truly family. That’s my sister,” Mulkeen stated. “The best part about working at The Dinghy are the regulars and when summertime rolls in, no day is the same. From wedding parties to celebrities and everyone in between, The Dinghy is always popping.” The Dinghy is known for celebrating the regular’s birthday parties. The Dinghy will be celebrating their 10year anniversary in July. If you are feeling hungry or thirsty then you better come down and spend some time with these two ladies. The Dinghy is like the bar from “Cheers.” A place ‘where everybody knows your name.’ For more information, visit dinghyiop. com or call (843) 242-8310. S Custom Insurance Protection Home | Auto | Boat | Business | Flood | More Meet Greer Narowski! You have worked hard for what you own... let us help you protect your most valuable assets with affordable and comprehensive coverage that meets your needs. Visit us online at or call us at 843-816-8780 WE MAKE FINDING THE PERFECT PROPERTY A SEAMLESS PROCESS. Krista M. Swingle REALTOR® Brand Name Real Estate Charleston, SC Hugh Swingle IV Property Manager In Charge (843) 474-1200 Responsive Results Driven Hands On Liz Mulkeen and Rachel Antognioni. Photo Provided.