Island Vibes March 2024

CRIME Daring Driving Decisions We’ve had a grand total of 39 reports of drivers testing the rules of driving under suspension again this month. Whether it’s driving without a license, with a suspended one, expired tags or expired insurance, we’ve seen it all. Two particularly audacious individuals were charged with driving under suspension for the third time. One of them decided to double down by adding drug paraphernalia and intent to distribute to their resume. Who knew driving with a suspended license could lead to a mobile drug emporium? The other genius thought driving without a license plate was the ultimate stealth mode. Hint: it’s not, but it is effective in painting a target on their back for law enforcement because nothing screams “pull me over” like a car without its identifying mark! And then there’s the one who turned a simple DUS into a full-blown escapade, complete with a failure to stop for blue lights, fleeing to evade arrest and reckless driving. Rule of thumb, never break another law while in the process of already breaking one. Breaking four laws at once? Clearly, he’s a firm believer in the saying, “Go big or go home,” even if home is Leeds Avenue. Marijuana Madness In the realm of recreational substances, it’s been a month dominated by everyone’s favorite friend: Mary Jane. With 31 reports of drugrelated charges, it seems the Isle of Palms has developed a particular fondness for the devil’s lettuce this month. However, amidst the sea of stinkweed, there was one brave soul who dared to spice things up with a touch of methamphetamine trafficking. A round of applause for breaking the monotony, good sir! Tipsy Troublemakers Last but not least, we can’t forget our 11 intrepid souls who embarked on the exhilarating journey of driving under the influence for the first time. As it’s been so eloquently sung by our local musical celebrity Darius Rucker, hopefully for these folks, ”This is the last time, you did something for the first time.” Let’s hope they take those words to heart and find safer hobbies like extreme sea wall building, where you won’t be charged for breaking the law. 12 By Detective Dusty Dunes THERE’S A FINE LINE BETWEEN INTREPID AND STUPID The following incidents were obtained from the Isle of palms Police Department Media Log Reports. This is a parody of real criminal events that took place between Jan. 18 - Feb. 18. Names of individuals and business locations have been omitted out of respect and privacy. That’s all for this month’s edition of the Isle of Palms Police Blotter. Remember folks, stay safe, stay legal and try not to break too many laws at once. POLICE BLOTTER Deepwater DREAMHOME located on Morgan Creek with its own 120 foot deep-water dock. This NEW construction home will be approximately 6,808 sq ft with 6 bedrooms and 7 1/2 bathrooms. Careful thought and consideration has gone into the planning and creation of this home to maximize the views and exposure to the surrounding environment. 34 Waterway Island Drive UNDER CONSTRUCTION • 1012 Ewall St, Unit B Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 • 843-388-4674 Misti Cox, Selling Agent (843) 754-7826