Island Vibes Jan 2024

This philosophy holds true for me too because I can’t believe I get paid to write about people, places and things that I love for a living! Any who, I digress, but I’ve been asked countless times how long we plan to throw these vibrant parties. In short, the answer is: as long as Island Vibes is the people’s heartbeat of the island. We are here to stay, and our word is as true as the tide. We may be on island time, but our heads are not in the sand. Happy New Year! We wish peace and prosperity to all! See you around the island! Positively yours, Zach Giroux, Managing Editor It takes a community ’m excited about Island Vibes, Isle of Palms and 2024. Okay, the word ‘excited’ doesn’t quite capture how I’m truly feeling about the upcoming year and the newspaper you’re reading digitally or holding in your hands. Just days after Christmas I was looking at the pages of Island Vibes right before they were sent to the printer. I couldn’t help thinking it takes a community of talented, passionate people to create Island Vibes. Then I thought about how our publishing community was producing a community publication. Not to sound too corny, but it made me smile and touched my heart. Bottom line, no matter what our goals or businesses might be, it will take a community of like-minded people to make it happen. Community is everything! Just like on Isle of Palms, where each island resident, business, event and now a publication that is exclusively about Isle of Palms, will help make the island strong. 4 FROM THE CREW D The pride of Isle of Palms today, tomorrow and always. 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Island Vibes is published 12 times per year by Islands Publishing LLC. 1013 Chuck Dawley Blvd., Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 Copyright © Islands Publishing LLC. All rights reserved. Reproduction electronically or in print format without the expressed written consent of the publisher is strictly prohibited and a violation of U.S. copyright laws. Content, including editorial, advertising or comments, that threatens, harasses or degrades others may be revoked or refused from print and online publication at the sole discretion of Island Vibes. Inquiries to: Island Vibes P.O. Box 22617, Charleston, SC 29413 nward! It’s a new year and that means many things related to a fresh start, clean slate, new goals and resolutions. But for us, it’s about delivering on our promise to instill positive vibes! Last month, Island Vibes held its December issue launch party at The Refuge. The social event was a splendid success and felt like a Christmas party with family and friends. Co-workers were there too of course, yet between the good holiday food and drinks and the music it didn’t feel like work. In the words of the late, great storyteller Mark Twain, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” As with publishing Island Vibes, our community is based on respect for one another combined with truthful and clear communications. This allows us to more simply find solutions when confronting difficulties and challenges. Everyone who lives on Isle of Palms loves their island. When this island community has differing opinions that lead to challenges or disagreements, if the love for this island is put first and there is transparent communication, then the road to the solution will become smoother and easier. Our publishing community is nowhere near perfect, nor do we profess to be so. But what we do know is that we respect one another, and we love publishing Island Vibes. Our love for what we do always helps us find the path to solutions. It is my hope for 2024 that through the digital and print pages of Island Vibes, coupled with everyone’s love for Isle of Palms, it will help contribute to more positivity in this community. Additionally, I hope that it will inspire honest and transparent communication that will lead to roads of solutions in times of challenges or disagreements. It’s all about the love of this island, not agendas. Everyone raise your hand or comment on our social media at www. if you think 2024 could be a good year for Isle of Palms. Don’t forget you can always send this link out to friends or family members who might want to read this publication digitally: Happy positive 2024! Bill Macchio, Publisher