Island Vibes Jan 2024

23 PEOPLE & PETS The Sharps Beth and Jay Sharp, their sons Owen (19), Eli (16) and dog Hank have called the island home for 15 years. Beth, from Summerville, works as a nurse practitioner and corporate trainer for Amedisys Home Health. Originally from Rock Hill, Jay is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with Edgeworth Capital Group of Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC. Embracing island life, the family loves biking to local restaurants on IOP and Sullivan’s Island, absorbing the vibrant culinary culture. Walks with Hank on the beach and paddleboarding in the creeks are their cherished activities, bringing them closer to nature and each other. Meet Your Island Neighbors! The Costanzos Chris Costanzo, a retired police officer from the City of Charleston, and his spouse, Rebecca, an SVP for the mortgage division of Truist Bank, have created a unique life for themselves on the Isle of Palms since 2016. Chris, originally from northern Virginia, and Rebecca, hailing from Chattanooga, have found their haven in this picturesque location. They are parents to three sons: Cody, who resides in Charleston; Tanner, who lives in L.A. (California, not Lower Awendaw); and Dylan. Buck, their beloved dog, completes their family. The Costanzo family’s favorite activity on the Isle of Palms epitomizes their community spirit and love for local traditions. They Pet of the Month Millie, the golden retriever By Isabel Alvarez Arata illie is a golden retriever who lives up to the breed’s standards by being as sweet as she is smart. At almost 4 years old, Millie likes to suckle on her favorite blanket like a nursling. Millie’s dog mom, Tracey Marks, thinks it’s adorable; it melts her heart every time. Snuggling up to a soft, cozy blanket is more than just a cute quirk. It’s also a way for Millie to relax when she’s not on the go. Many dogs suckle a favorite blanket because it’s familiar and makes them feel safe. It’s also known to help dogs unwind like humans enjoying a cup of tea or a warm bath at the end of the day. Typical of a golden retriever’s eager and outgoing nature, Millie can be a “people pleaser.” A loyal, happy girl, Millie relishes playing with her friends and family by pretending to hunt them around the house and in the yard. While Millie seems to prefer the company of humans, she is also friendly with others of her species. Born near Lake Hartwell, Millie loves living on the Isle of Palms. Her favorite pastime is riding around in her family’s LSV, aptly referred to as the “Millie Mobile.” When she isn’t taking in the sights and smells of the coastline from the Millie Mobile, you can catch this beautiful girl at the 6th Avenue beach, where she sees her many friends, or visiting family in Greenville, where she enjoys loads of love and attention. particularly enjoy the Fourth of July celebrations, with a special fondness for the golf cart parade. The vibrant and colorful local event brings the community together in a festive atmosphere. This tradition, among others, reflects their deep connection to the island and its community, showcasing their love for both the place and its people. This lifestyle reflects a harmonious blend of professional commitment and personal fulfillment. The Sharps’ days are rich with community involvement, outdoor adventures and coastal living’s tranquil pleasures. Their life on the island is a testament to their love for community, nature and family, making every moment count. M