Island Vibes Jan 2024

CRIME Higher Than the Tide This month saw a “high” number of 23 drug violations. The ‘Green Thumb Gang’ (mostly caught with marijuana) keeps IOP on their toes. Note to self: start a gardening club? But wait, there’s more! A couple of adventurous souls decided to go for the “Breaking Bad” experience with meth. Remember folks, Isle of Palms is for sunbathing, not “Breaking Bad” reenactments. Spoiler alert: real life doesn’t have scriptwriters to save you! The Notorious Schedule IV Maverick One individual truly outdid themselves, not only with a repeat performance of Schedule IV narcotics possession but also starring in a “John Wick” moment with an automatic pistol. Discharging a firearm in the city? Big no-no! Our action hero is now starring in their own police procedural drama. Driving Miss Crazy The number of driving-while-suspended incidents dipped slightly to 24. Let’s call it a win, shall we? It’s like musical chairs, but with driver’s licenses. DUIs Take the Lead Buckle up for a 63 percent surge in DUIs, totaling 11, mostly starring first-time performers. And guess what? Six of them weren’t even old enough to legally sip a beer. Maybe they thought DUI stood for “Driving Under Immaturity?” Underage Party Bus Adding to our cast are eight underage individuals caught with alcohol. Combined with our underage DUI artists, we’re just one person short of fielding an Isle of Palms rugby team. Scouting for that final player happens next month—stay tuned! Remember the IOP Rule of Three Don’t drive if you shouldn’t, don’t possess if it’s illegal and definitely, definitely don’t go all Hollywood with banned guns in the city. Keep that action on the big screen and off our streets! Stick to beach volleyball for your action needs! 12 By Detective Dusty Dunes THE NOT-SO-USUAL SUSPECTS (11/16/23 - 12/12/23) Remember, this is a humorous take on the police report and is not intended to make light of the serious nature of these offenses. Always stay safe and within the law, folks! POLICE BLOTTER Our Service Areas: Charlotte, NC • Boston, MA • Myrtle Beach, SC • Charleston, SC Portsmouth, NH • Greenville, SC • Asheville, NC Sold the most expensive South Carolina business in 2023! ATLANTICBUSINESSBROKERS.COM | 800-366-1627 | CJOSEPH@ATLANTICBUSINESSBROKERS.COM Confidential & Private Transactions Negotiating Between Buyer and Seller A Consultative Approach using our decades of experience Negotiating Between Buyer and Seller Navigating the process from attorneys, lenders all parties involved.