Island Vibes December 2023

18 FOOD & BEV Behind the Bar Hallie Little, The Windjammer By Maurice J. Frazier Isabella Wilkinson 843-343-7729 ISABELLA@CARROLLREALTYINC.COM Michael Carroll 843-478-4944 John Beall 843-469-2909 Matt DeAntonio 843-532-6288 Winslow Carroll 843-460-7681 Bob Rosene 843-607-9429 Jimmy Carroll 843-452-1200 Deep Island Roots, Three Generations of Knowledge Selling where we LOVE Living Isle Of Palms 843-886-9600 • BROKER IN CHARGE artenders design and create delicious libations for patrons to enjoy, but for many, a bartender is so much more: a friend, confidant, a compassionate ear during a tough period and for some, even a therapist. The Windjammer has been open for 50 years and is still going strong today, with great food, awesome live music and bartenders serving up the best drinks. If you are a regular at The Windjammer, then you know Hallie Little. Little’s been serving locals and tourists for the last eight years and loves every minute of it. She’s a retired mixologist who has been bartending for 20 years. “I’ve bartended all over Mount Pleasant and Charleston. It was still mini bottles serving when I first started out,” reflected Little. “I was even a liquor seller for a while. I was a mixologist when I was working at The Grocery, downtown, with Chef Kevin Johnson. Chef Johnson saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself, and I became a master at creating new, innovative drinks.” On the local scene for five years, Little was one of the “It” mixologists, winning local competitions from Bombay Sapphire and the Charleston Wine + Food festival, to name a few. Little further made her stamp in Charleston’s world of cutting-edge cocktails and inventive drinks. She soon retired and hasn’t looked back since. Once the mixology world ended for Little, the general manager of The Windjammer, Garc Osborne, contacted her and opened a new door for her career. “All of a sudden, I was asked if I wanted to work here,” said Little. “I didn’t really think I could do it because I was ‘old,’ but gave it a shot. I made my entire paycheck in one night and I’m still here and haven’t looked back.” The Windjammer is an institution, and every day and every patron are different. Little has seen people from all over the world and others who have yet to be as adventurous. “I have personally walked people out to see the ocean for the very first time,” she related. “We are open late, and they roll in. They are excited to see the ocean. I love that. It’s magical!” Little has witnessed so many events at The Windjammer, from people getting married or divorced, to raucous bachelor and bachelorette parties. She’s seen some individuals at their best and others at their very worst. That’s the essence of a bar. Countless stories and experiences, people from all walks of life, all convening to share laughter, drinks, stories and memories. It’s simply a bonus if they get somebody as skillful and convivial as Little preparing their potion! The Windjammer holds a special place in the hearts of so many. It’s a destination where patrons can see an artist just beginning their musical career, playing a song no one has ever heard before, or a household name, like Darius Rucker. The restaurant and bar scene here on IOP is like no other. If you’re in the mood for a night out and are looking to have a phenomenal experience with an award-winning, seasoned bartender, ask for Little. B