Island Vibes April 2024

extremely important for all of our community to embrace. We focus on risk reduction to prevent fires and that means being proactive. Our fire marshal and firefighters work really hard in public education and outreach to ensure we stay engaged with the community by offering resources to help keep everyone as safe as possible.” The Isle of Palms community is encouraged to contact the fire department to receive guidance and best practices regarding fire risk reduction strategies that will make the island safe and resilient in an all-hazards approach. Residents can contact the department by calling (843) 886-4410 or speak to staff by texting “Hello” to the city’s virtual assistance line at (877) 607-6467. Isle of Palms Fire and Rescue was awarded the designation Fire Safe South Carolina Community for the last three years. The department works to continue following state and national guidelines by educating individuals and families on fire safety measures with clear and consistent messaging. Rescue announced a partnership with the Isle of Palms Water and Sewer Commission to facilitate the installation of cost-effective home fire sprinklers for island residents. Fire Safe South Carolina states that 50 percent of fires happen between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. Closing the door before going to sleep is another vital step in fire safety. A closed door can keep carbon monoxide levels 90 econds count when a fire occurs, which makes fire prevention key in saving lives and property. Isle of Palms Fire and Rescue provides essential safety tips for the island community. Due to synthetic materials in modern homes, fires spread faster than ever before. It’s important for residents to have working smoke alarms, a fire escape plan and a safe meeting place outside the home in case of a fire. Other necessary fire safety equipment includes residential fire sprinklers. According to Fire Safe South Carolina, a community risk reduction program, fires can be stopped in less than 1.5 minutes by fire sprinklers. The sprinklers stop the fire and smoke from spreading and allow more time to safely escape while first responders are en route. In 2023, Isle of Palms Fire and 7 OPINION Living and Selling the Lowcountry Lifestyle 2021-2022 Sales volume $94,000,000+ IOP RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE 1100 Palm Blvd. 2C Isle of Palms, SC 29451 Amy Rogers REALTOR OF DISTINCTION 843-824-4892 As seen on Fire safety tips and cautionary advice for residents Provided by City of Isle of Palms S percent lower than if the door is left open. Closing the door can also reduce the temperature from 1,000 degrees to 100 degrees. A fire needs oxygen to burn, so creating a barrier keeps more oxygen in the room and away from the fire. Additionally, when exiting a fire, residents should close the door behind them to slow its growth. Isle of Palms Fire Chief Craig Oliverius emphasized that fire safety and prevention is a collective effort that involves everyone in the community doing their part. Education is a significant element in preparing for fire emergencies. “Isle of Palms Fire and Rescue is blessed and humbled to serve such a supportive and amazing community,” said Oliverius. “Fire safety is Isle of Palms Fire Chief Craig Oliverius