Island Vibes April 2024

part: “We disagree that the Reddy’s retention wall was erected within the critical area.” • Jan. 31: OCRM received information that work was continuing at the site. • Feb. 2: DHEC issued a second cease and desist directive. • Feb. 5: Legal counsel for the Reddys reiterated their position that the work at issue is landward of the erosion control structure and that “the retention wall lies landward of the critical area and outside of (OCRM’s) jurisdiction.” • Feb. 9: DHEC moved for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction prohibiting the Reddys from continuing to install a hard erosion control structure adjacent to their home. vibes May the FoRC E be w ith yo u and Posi t i v e Information about distribution and marketing in IOP’s community newspaper contact or call 843-530-0403. EVERYONE READS D The pride of Isle of Palms today, tomorrow and always. WE MAKE FINDING THE PERFECT PROPERTY A SEAMLESS PROCESS. Krista M. Swingle REALTOR® Brand Name Real Estate Charleston, SC Hugh Swingle IV Property Manager In Charge (843) 474-1200 Responsive Results Driven Hands On lip Pounds. “So it is their call as to any enforcement.” Since first becoming aware of the structure’s presence on Oct. 4, 2023, attempts by OCRM to halt any further construction or to have the structure removed have been unsuccessful to the point of open resistance by the property owners, Rom and Renee Reddy. To this end, DHEC has noted the following timeline since January 2024: • Jan. 7: OCRM staff was made aware that unauthorized rip-rap (rock or stone) was installed at the base of the structure. • Jan. 11: OCRM staff conducted a site inspection and observed that the structure was collapsing seaward. • Jan. 25: After a site inspection, DHEC officials issued a cease and desist directive. • Jan. 30: Legal counsel for the Reddys replied in an email, stating in n the western side of Ocean Boulevard on Isle of Palms, the presence of an erosion control structure on the beach is shaping up into a long legal battle. The structure sits on private property, but its construction was unauthorized by any state regulating authority and is believed to be a violation of local and state laws. The question remains as to whether the structure will be allowed to stay. Long before the matter could end up in the state courts, officials with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM) are trying to determine how to keep the matter from progressing further. “OCRM has claimed jurisdiction over the wall,” said IOP Mayor Phil3 NEWS Court to determine fate of IOP property owner’s ‘retention wall’ By L. C. Leach III O Continued on Page 9 Photo Provided.