Island Vibes April 2024

27 ISLE OF PALMS CROSSWORD PUZZLE Oyster Roasts on Saturdays & Sundays Karaoke on Wednesdays Live music schedule online FUN & GAMES March 2024 April 2024 Down 1 Ball hit just over the infield 2 Buckwheat pancakes 3 Allowance 4 Argument 5 Close-knit group 6 Electrical accessory 7 Farm feed holder 12 Airplane part 13 Kind of penguin 15 Smallest Bitcoin unit 16 Trim 18 Back street 20 Destined 21 “Come here ___?” Across 1 Gave Mom and Dad a night out, in a way 5 Bell sound 8 Become rusted 9 Excitement 10 Aplomb 11 Brewer’s product 12 “To do” list 14 Fish hawk 17 Arctic Circle region 19 Beat 22 Bucolic 23 Coffee choice 24 Square 25 Reflect brilliantly WELCOME TO 802 PALM BLVD. If you’re ready to take a deep dive into the luxury lifestyle on Isle of Palms, SC, then this is the property for you! This fantastic 4-bedroom home has 4 bathrooms and 2 half bathrooms, and perfectly sets you up to experience all the best about life on the Isle. Just a short walk from the beach, this home has a spacious layout with multiple outdoor and indoor spaces that will let you soak up the sunshine or escape to a more private space to enjoy a good book! This home also boasts its own private pool, which is like its own little oasis with lounge chairs, umbrella, and a table for everyone to enjoy the backyard space. Underneath the screened porch near the pool is a comfy sitting area with a TV for further entertainment. The backyard has a fence that has an access door to easily get to the beach without having to go out on Palm Blvd. Top that off with amenities like a gas grill, beautifully landscaped yard, washer and dryer, and this home has it all for an Isle of Palms getaway! 843-886-9600 | I 1 C 2 A 3 R 4 T 5 O 6 S 7 U 8 N T A N G L E E 9 N Z Y M E C R N V A O A R 10 OLEMODELS N 11 O R M M S R E E T P 12 E R M 13 I T B 14 A T T L E A X E I S A S R 15 E 16 D N E C K C 17 O 18 P Y I S T N I N 19 U E S 20 H A N G H 21 A I T 22 U R T L 23 E A G A O G A A 24 N T I S 25 U B C U L T 26 U R E C T T I E E D V 27 E N I C E U 28 N S H A P E D D S N M S R R