Island Vibes April 2024

20 came the home away from home for the Louisville, Kentucky, natives during the winter months when Todd and Trish purchased their house in Wild Dunes. For Trish, the best part about being a snowbird is the ability to be outside year-round. She discovered a love of pickleball here and credits her friend Nancy Kinney with helping her understand why pickleball, particularly on the island, is so good for her soul. “You’re outside and you’re moving,” Nancy said. Trish is quick to add, “What could be better? It’s just glorious here. It’s wonderful. It’s March and I’m outside, with beautiful weather.” The Loehnerts’ dog, Brody, is also an island lover with daily golf cart rides and beach walks to fill his heart with happiness. Trish recalled with fondness her first years on the island as a moment in time when the Boardwalk Inn was under construction and merely half of a building when PEOPLE & PETS Meet Your Island Neighbors! By Laura Fogarty t the home of Bobby Ross, a chocolate lab named Isla brings people and pups together. Isla adores her human and cares for her three, now grown, offspring. At almost 7 years old, Isla has raised her pups, Rue, Maggie and Nellie, alongside Ross from day one. “Momma is still the best,” said Ross. “She loves her pups. She sits and licks them all the time.” Isla’s 4-year-olds keep her busy. Their unique personalities and temperaments Pet of the Month Isla and her sweet pack of chocolate labs By Isabel Alvarez Arata make for interesting dynamics. Isla was the last available of her litter and Ross suspects the breeder didn’t want to let her go. Ross bred Isla with George, a black lab from Georgetown, in February 2020. The pups were born on May 4. Isla had 16 pups of which 13 survived. “We kept them as close as we could and some even come to visit,” Ross said. “Chocolate Leroy was the only male chocolate and visits three to four days a week.” Others in the litter include Birdie, Capers and Honey, Black Leroy who lives in Mount Pleasant, Bouy who lives on IOP, Bert from Sullivan’s Island, Gidget from James Island and Cricket, who lives on a farm in Walterboro. Ross’ daughter also kept one of Isla’s babies, Palmer, who lives in Mount Pleasant. The pack of chocolate labs can be seen riding around IOP on Ross’ golf cart. “My golf cart is probably the most photographed thing on IOP. (I’m) constantly being stopped for pictures,” shared Ross, proud of her beloved pack and extended furry family. Photo Provided. Photo Provided. THE LOEHNERTS hen Trish Loehnert’s husband Todd first came to the Isle of Palms in 1994 for a business meeting, he fell in love with the island and knew he had to bring Trish back to visit. Thus began the Loehnerts’ love affair with the Isle of Palms. Gradually our beautiful island beA she first happened upon it. When asked about the biggest changes she’s seen here in her nearly 30-year relationship with the Isle of Palms, Trish proclaimed, “Nothing! Of course the Red & White is now the Harris Teeter, and maybe other structures have come and gone but the spirit and the beauty of the island remain the same.” As Todd and Trish continue to transition to full-time residency, they host holidays and various gatherings for their children, friends and extended family. Each vacation, season and now the promise of being full-time locals, seems to Trish like a dream come true. We couldn’t agree more, Trish. Welcome home. W HEY NEIGHBOR! If you or a neighbor would like to be featured in our Island Neighbors section, contact Island Vibes Editor Zach Giroux at Editor@IslandVibesIOP or call (802) 733-6321.