Island Vibes April 2024

CRIME Last dance with Mary J - As spring bloomed on the Isle of Palms, our local police noted an unusually high tide of greenery — and no, we’re not talking about the grassy dunes. In an ironic twist fitting for March, a staggering 19 instances of simple possession of marijuana were recorded. This season, the island’s vibe was more 420-friendly than beach-friendly! Drug paraphernalia possession is a close second, painting a rather Cheech & Chong-esque picture of the community. Amidst the tranquil beach scenes, it seems our townsfolk and visitors have been quite busy rolling more than just beach towels. Hide-and-seek - But wait, the greenery theme doesn’t stop at marijuana possession. In a peculiar twist, trespass notices also sprouted up like unwelcome weeds. It appears that some folks, perhaps too inspired by their leafy escapades, decided that ‘no trespassing’ signs were mere suggestions, adding a dash of adventure to their high times (because fences are just suggestions, right?). It’s as if the whole island turned into a game of hide-and-seek with our officers playing the reluctant seekers! Snow on the beach - In addition to the usual suspects of driving escapades and drug-related shenanigans, we uncovered two instances of individuals caught with a little extra spice in their pockets – cocaine. Yes, it seems someone decided to add a touch of Hollywood glamor to our sleepy island paradise. Perhaps they mistook our tranquil shores for a movie set and thought they were auditioning for “Scarface: The Musical.” Headlights after dark - And let’s not overlook the 11 driving under the influence charges woven through the streets, leading to a not-so-merry dance of headlights after dark. The intoxicating blend of freedom and folly has undoubtedly made its mark, sometimes in the form of tire tracks on the beachfront. Whoa, listen to the music - Noise complaints, too, have echoed across the island, from the usual party scenes and impromptu gatherings where the music competes with the ocean’s roar. The island’s nights have been filled with the sounds of revelry and the occasional “But officer, I’m not as think as you drunk I am.” 12 By Detective Dusty Dunes MARCH MADNESS IN THE GREENEST SENSE The following incidents were obtained from the Isle of Palms Police Department Media Log Reports. This is a parody of real criminal events that took place between Feb. 17-March 17. Names of individuals and business locations have been omitted out of respect and privacy. Stay safe, stay legal, and remember, on this island, we like our grass mowed, not smoked! May the next month bring less haze, in all senses of the word and more clear blue skies. Let’s hope April showers bring more than just May flowers (and fewer court summons)! POLICE BLOTTER In conclusion, March on the Isle of Palms has been a vibrant tapestry of green-themed incidents, from the herbal to the comical. Here’s to the community’s spirit, consistently high on life (and occasionally other things), making every day an adventure. Just Listed in Hobcaw Point! 319 Hobcaw Drive 4 Beds, 3.5 Baths, 3029 Ft2 803.586.9553 | A Father/Daughter Team that Treats You Like Family!